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In order to celebrate the Ride Virginia 2021 Poker Run Day, the committee plans to have one Group-led ride departing from the Fredericksburg Restore location at 10:30am, Sunday, May 23 and ending at Cowboy Jacks. For a donation of $20 for one hand, or $30 for two hands, participants can compete for Best Hand/Worst hand $250 cash prizes, but are not required to play to join the ride. Cash Prize for Best/Worst Hand will be awarded at Cowboy Jacks. All paid riders will receive a bag with their own deck of cards. No other prizes, shirts, or goodies will be distributed this year.

Our goal is still to raise as much money as possible for Habitat for Humanity, and we are accepting sponsors/donations in any amount. Due to COVID restrictions, RIDE VIRGINIA 2021 will not be the same as it has been in the past, and we will not be doing T-shirts. However, all sponsors will be listed on the back of the Poker Hand, on the Habitat website, on our social media site, and on a sign at the start of the event. And we hope you will continue to support this worthy cause and look forward to holding our Annual Ride Virginia Poker Run as you are accustomed to in 2022!

Thank you for your continued support of Habitat

All VA mandated restrictions apply and are to be followed.

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